Motion detector

The Motion sensor ML26m is a sonar device that emits ultrasonic pulses, which reflect off an object. The sensor measures the time it takes for an ultrasonic pulse to travel from the sensor to the object and determines the distance from the object based on the measured time and the speed of sound. The minimum range of the sensor is 0.15 m and the maximum range is 6 m. While the sensor is operating, a slight clicking sound from the sensor will be heard. The sensor is supplied with a steel rod, which can be screwed into a mounting thread on the sensor. The rod can be used for clamping into a suitable holding device, e.g. a retort stand.

The Motion sensor can be used for studying a variety of motions including:
• Walking toward and away from the sensor.
• Simple harmonic motion, such as a weight hanging on a spring.
• Newton’s laws of motion.
• Acceleration due to gravity - free fall, objects dropped or tossed upward.
• Air track experiments.

The Motion sensor ML26m is a digital sensor (on-sensor digital conversion), which gives calibrated values of the measured quantity. This sensor can only be connected to the CMA MoLab interface and not to other CMA interfaces such as VinciLab, CoachLab II+ or EuroLab.

Technical specifications of the sensor are described in its User's guide.
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