Force sensor

The Force sensor ML32F is a general-purpose device for measuring forces in the range between -80 and 80 N. The sensor can be used as a replacement for a hand-held spring scale, can be mounted on a ring stand or on a dynamics cart to study collisions. It measures both pulls and pushes. The force sensor uses strain gauge technology to measure force, based on the bending of a beam. A maximal force of 100 N can be applied to the sensor, for forces above 100 N the sensor can be damaged permanently.
Several accessories are included with the Force sensor: a bumper to use for collision experiments, or to measure pushing forces, a thumb screw to mount the sensor on a ring standard, a hook to use to measure pulling forces, and a utility handle to mount the sensor to various clamps.

This Force sensor can be used for:
• Measuring of forces and impulse during collisions.
• Studying simple harmonic motion.
• Measuring of centripetal or frictional forces.
• Studying Hook's law.
• Studying Newton's second law.

The Force sensor ML32F is a digital sensor (on-sensor digital conversion), which gives calibrated values of the measured quantity. This sensor can only be connected to the CMA MoLab interface and not to other CMA interfaces such as VinciLab, CoachLab II+ or EuroLab.

Technical specifications of the sensor are described in its User's guide.
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