Immersion Heater

The CMA Immersion Heater 019 is an electric heater (10 V/10 W) that can be used with the CMA Calorimeter 074 to heat liquids and with CMA Calorimeter Blocks 075 to heat metal blocks.
The heat element is housed in a 100 mm stainless steel tube. The heater is provided with two 4 mm plugs and can be powered:
- by 10 V AC/DC power supply, or
- by CoachLab II+ interface when used as an actuator connected to one of the control outputs of CoachLab II+. When using this connection the output can be powered with 12 V because due to the load of the heater the actual voltage drops below 10 V.

The Immersion heater can be used in experiments to determine specific heat capacities of different liquids such as water or vegetable oils, and of different metals. Note that when used in liquid the metal tube of the heater should be immersed in liquid when powered.

Technical specifications of the Immersion heater are described in its Immersion Heater 019 User's guide.
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