Calorimeter blocks

The CMA Calorimeter Blocks 075 are four cylindrical metal blocks made from aluminium, brass, copper and steel.
Blocks have different sizes but the same mass of 500 g. Each block has two holes. The bigger hole in the middle is meant for the CMA Immersion heater 019 to heat a block. The smaller hole is meant for a temperature sensor (or thermometer) to monitor block’s temperature. Each block is wrapped with Styrofoam as insulator to prevent heat loss.The blocks can be used together with an immersion heater, a temperature sensor and a power supply (not provided with the set) for determining the heat specific capacities of aluminium, brass, copper and steel. To prevent the heat loss, make sure to keep the calorimeter block inside the Styrofoam cover and close its lids during the experiment.

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Calorimeter blokken
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