Temperature sensor (-18..110°C)

The Temperature sensor BT84i measures temperature in the range between -18 °C to 110 °C. The temperature sensor is not suitable for measurements above 110 °C. This sensor uses the LM34 solid-state temperature transducer. It is a precision integrated- circuit temperature sensor, whose output is linearly proportional to the temperature. The transducer is positioned in the point of a stainless steel tube.

The Temperature sensor is a general-purpose laboratory sensor, which can be used in a variety of experiments, such as:
• Monitoring indoor and outdoor temperatures.
• Monitoring freezing and boiling water.
• Monitoring endothermic and exothermic reactions.
• Specific heat experiments.
• Insulation investigations.
• Solar energy studies.

The Temperature sensor can be directly connected to the analog BT inputs of the CMA interfaces.
Attention: The sensor cable BT - IEEE1394 needed to connect the sensor to an interface is not supplied with the sensor and has to be purchased separately (CMA Art. Nr BTsc_1).

Technical specifications of the sensor are described in its User's guide.
Temperatuursensor (-18..110°C)
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