VinciLab is a modern and advanced mobile graphic data collection system, which can be used standalone, with tablets or computers. It is a handheld Linux device equipped with two processors, a main processor to control the device’s operating system and screen, and a measurement processor to control the measurement at sampling rates up to 1 MHz. VinciLab has a 5” (capacitive) color touch screen and is equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
For connecting sensors VinciLab has four analog and two digital BT inputs. CMA BT sensors can be directly connected to the sensor inputs. Two additional sensors, an internal microphone and 3-axis accelerometer, are built-in.

VinciLab Package
VinciLab is delivered together with Power adapter, USB cable and VinciLab Quick Guide.

VinciLab User's Guide
VinciLab folder
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