MoLab is a mobile graphic data collection system, which can be used as well standalone as connected to a PC computer, in the field or in the classroom. It is a small, handheld Windows CE device equipped with its own processor and memory and operated via a color touch screen. MoLab has built-in sound sensor.

Using MoLab standalone
When working with MoLab as a standalone device, MoLab is controlled by its touch screen, buttons, and the Coach CE program running on MoLab. The Coach CE program offers tools for collecting, viewing and analyzing data. To project the MoLab screen image on a computer screen during a class demonstration, the utility program MoLab View can be used.

Using MoLab with computer (Windows only)
When using MoLab with a PC, MoLab is connected via a USB cable to the computer and is controlled either by the Coach 7 or Coach 7 Lite software running on the computer.

Sensors for MoLab
MoLab works only with CMA ML sensors. ML sensors are intelligent, digital sensors, which convert measured quantity values to digital values (ADC on board). They are compact and use 5-pins mini jack plugs. MoLab automatically detects the connected ML sensors and loads the calibration stored in the sensor’s memory.

The MoLab package
MoLab is delivered with Power adapter, USB cable, 4 Sensor cables with 5-pin mini jack plugs, Spare stylus, Protective rubber cover, ML11s Temperature sensor, ML14s Light sensor, ML17f Voltage sensor and MoLab Quick Start Guide.

More user information and technical specifications about MoLab you can find in the MoLab User's Guide and in the MoLab folder.
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