Light Source (for Spectrometer 012)

The Light Source 012LS consists of two different light sources – white LED and UV LED (365 nm). A switch located at the rear of the device allows choosing the light source: UV or WHITE.
This Light Source is designed for use with the CMA Spectrometer 012 for measuring Transmission and Absorption spectra of various materials. It has a built in cuvette holder, which is suitable for standard cuvettes for liquid samples or in which small solid materials can be placed. Ten standard cuvettes are included and a metal guiding rail is provided with the Light Source for proper positioning when connecting to the Spectrometer. When both devices are correctly connected to each other then the Light Source draws power from the Spectrometer, eliminating need for an external power supply.

More technical specifications about Light Source can be found in its User's Guide.
Lichtbron (voor Spectrometer 012)
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