pH sensor

The pH sensor ML42m measures the degree of acidity/pH value of a solution in the range from 0 to 14 pH. The pH electrode is connected to the sensor box by means of a coax cable and a BNC connector. The pH electrode is a gel-filled glass electrode built in a plastic tube with an opening at the bottom side. The pH electrode has been designed to function in a reliable and accurate manner under varied conditions. The rugged epoxy body protects the pH sensing glass bulb. The gel-filled reference electrode is sealed and it never needs to be refilled.The pH electrode has a limited operational life and can be ordered separately.

The pH sensor can be used for various experiments such as:
• Measurements of pH of different acids and bases
• Acid-base titration experiments.
• Monitoring pH during chemical reactions.
• Investigations of water quality in streams and lakes.

The pH sensor ML42m is a digital sensor (on-sensor digital conversion), which gives calibrated values of the measured quantity. This sensor can only be connected to the CMA MoLab interface and not to other CMA interfaces such as VinciLab, CoachLab II+ or EuroLab.

Technical specifications of the sensor are described in its User's guide.
pH sensor
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