Oxygen gas sensor

The Oxygen Gas sensor ML63m measures the gaseous oxygen concentration in the range of 0 to 100 %. It uses an electrochemical cell, which contains a lead anode. The sensor element has a limited operating life of about 6 years in open air. The Oxygen Gas sensor is supplied with a factory calibration for oxygen gas levels in %. Since the sensor shows some drift over its lifetime, for precise absolute measurements it is advised to calibrate the sensor before use.

The Oxygen Gas sensor can be used to monitor gaseous oxygen in a variety of biology and chemistry experiments such as:
• Monitoring human respiration.
• Monitoring changes in oxygen concentration during photosynthesis and respiration of plants.
• Monitoring respiration of animals, insects, or germinating seeds.
• Monitoring oxidation of metals such as iron.
• Monitoring consumption of oxygen by yeast during respiration of sugars.

The Oxygen Gas sensor ML63m is a digital sensor (on-sensor digital conversion), which gives calibrated values of the measured quantity. This sensor can only be connected to the CMA MoLab interface and not to other CMA interfaces such as VinciLab, CoachLab II+ or EuroLab.

Technical specifications of the sensor are described in its User's guide.
Zuurstofsensor (gas)
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