Current sensor -5..5 A

The Current sensor BT21i is a general-purpose sensor to measure currents in AC and DC circuits in the range between –5 and +5 A. It has two banana (4-mm) plugs for easy connection. The sensor contains a sensing element - resistor and a signal-conditioning amplifier. The sensing element is a resistor connected between the red and black terminals.The sensor is protected and currents up to 7 A will not damage the sensor. The sensor should be connected in series to a circuit element. Currents in either direction can be measured. The current is indicated as positive when it flows from the red terminal to the black terminal.

The Current sensor can be used in various experiments such as:
• Battery life
• Voltage / Current relationships
• Ohm’s law – can be used together with a CMA Differential Voltage sensor
• Electrical component characteristics e.g. a light bulb, a diode, a light dependent resistor
• Series and parallel circuits
• Capacitor discharge, charge and energy stored.

The Current sensor can be directly connected to analog BT inputs of the CMA interfaces.
Attention: The sensor cable BT - IEEE1394 needed to connect the sensor to an interface is not supplied with the sensor and has to be purchased separately (CMA Art. Nr BTsc_1).

Technical specifications of the sensor are described in its User's guide.
Stroomsensor (-5..5 A)
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