CLAB is an easy-to-use, powerful and inexpensive data collection system that works with CASIO Graphic Calculators, with computers and standalone. CLAB is equipped with its own processor and memory, enabling measurements at sampling rates up to 100000 Hz. For connecting sensors CLAB has three analog BT sensor inputs. Additionally it has a built-in 3-axis accelerometer.

Using CLAB with a CASIO Graphic calculator
CLAB can be used with CASIO Graphic Calculators such as CASIO fx-CG Series, fx-9860GII Series or ClassPad II (fx-CP400). When connected to a such calculator CLAB is controlled by the E-CON software running on the calculator. E-CON is a menu-driven calculator application developed by CASIO. It allows configuring experiments with CLAB, collecting the data via connected sensors, graphing and processing the collected data. To connect CLAB to a CASIO Graphic Calculator you need a data communication cable with 3-pin jack connectors (SB-62). This cable is provided with your CASIO Graphic Calculator.

Using CLAB with a Computer
Via the provided USB cable CLAB can be connected to a USB port of a computer and work as a lab interface. The Coach 7 or Coach 7 Lite software running on the PC controls CLAB. The collected data are transferred to the computer, the measurement can be followed on the computer screen and the collected data can be analyzed in Coach.

Using CLAB standalone
When using CLAB as a standalone device, CLAB controls the data collection process; it collects and stores the measurement data. This is very useful for remote data collection e.g. outside the school. The experimental setup is prepared using the E-CON application on a CASIO Graphic Calculator or the Coach software on a computer and uploaded to CLAB. The measured data are stored in the CLAB memory and can be downloaded into a calculator or a computer after the measurement is finished.

Sensors for CLAB
For connecting sensors CLAB has three analog BT (right-handed) sensor inputs. These inputs support all analog CMA sensors and automatically identify these sensors. Especially for CLAB a new CMA Ultrasonic Motion Detector (BT55i), which can be connected to analog BT inputs of CLAB, is available.

CLAB Package
The CLAB package contains the following items: USB Power Adapter, USB Cable, BT01 Temperature sensor (-40 .. 140 °C), BT02 Voltage sensor (-10 .. 10 V) and User’s Quick Start Guides in English, Dutch and German.

More technical specifications about CLAB you can find in CLAB User's Guide and in the CLAB folder.
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