Stethoscope for BT80i

The CMA Stethoscope BT80ST can be used together with the CMA Sound sensor BT80i (the new model is sold starting from September 2019). A stethoscope is designed to amplify the sounds created by the heart. It uses a sensitive electret microphone in a standard stethoscope chest piece to allow the sounds to be converted into an electrical signal.
A stethoscope consists of a membrane connected to an extension. The membrane is mounted under tension and is used to conduct the sound vibrations. When the membrane is held to a surface such as the skin, the membrane vibrates according with the surface. In this way the membrane conducts sound waves to the inner part of the stethoscope and to amplifier.
The Sound sensor with the Stethoscope can be used to:
• Record heartbeats
• Determine the heart rate
• Together with a Blood Pressure sensor record the circulatory sounds
• Together with an ECG sensor and/or a Heart rate sensor different measurements of the heart can be compared to analyse the entire heart cycle and the blood flow
• Record sounds in solids
• Determine the speed of sound in different gases or solids.

Technical specifications of the Stethoscope are described in its User's guide.
Stethoscoop voor BT80i
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