Light sensor

The Light sensor ML14s measures light intensity levels in 3 ranges, 0.35 to 22,937 lux, 1 to 65,535 lux (default), and 1.53 to 100,487 lux. This general-purpose sensor is suitable for indoor and outdoor measurements of light intensity. The sensor uses a photo detector, which is mounted on the surface under a glass window. To protect the glass window the sensor is closed with a plastic cap. The sensor has a mounting thread located on one side of the sensor.

The Light sensor can be used in a variety of measurements such as:
• Inverse square law.
• Measuring the light intensity levels of various sources.
• Studies of transparency of materials.
• Studies of light reflection.
• The effect of light intensity on photosynthesis.
• Investigating rates of reaction.
• Weather study to monitor sunrise and sunset times.
• Solar energy studies.

The Light sensor is a digital sensor (on-sensor digital conversion), which gives calibrated values of the measured quantity. This sensor can only be connected to the CMA MoLab interface and not to other CMA interfaces such as VinciLab, CoachLab II+ or EuroLab.

Technical specifications of the sensor are described in its User's guide.
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