Drop Counter for 0662i, BT63i and ML54f

The Drop Counter 0662drop is an accessory, which can be attached to CMA Photogates 0662i, BT63i or CMA Photogate ML54f and is used to record the volume of titrant added during titration experiments. A drop-forming tip delivers drops of constant volume size, which are detected by the photogate. Counting added drops gives the total added volume. The Drop Counter connects to a photogate via a slider. When properly positioned, a drop of titrant will block the infrared beam of the photogate each time a drop passes through. A LED indicator located on the photogate flashes each time such an event happens. The Drop Counter has two round holes, a larger hole for a pH electrode and a smaller hole for a temperature sensor. It is delivered together with a plastic 20-mL syringe with Luer-lock (by removing the piston the syringe becomes a titrant solution reservoir), two 2-way valves with Luer-lock connectors, and a plastic tip.

Technical specifications of the Drop Counter 0662drop are described in its User's guide.
Druppelteller voor 0662i, BT63i en ML54f
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