Set of Induction Tubes

The CMA Set of Induction Tubes consists of a transparent plastic tube with coils, an aluminum tube with coils, and set of small magnets. The tubes are of 1-m long and have 6 similar induction coils located at exactly the same positions on both tubes. Coils are connected to each other in series. When a magnet (included) is dropped in a tube, a voltage is induced in coils as it passes through. This induced voltage can be measured via two 4-mm sockets.

The tubes can be used in a number of experiments, for example:
• To measure the induced voltage due to the motion of a magnet falling through a tube.
• To determine the change of magnetic flux in coils during the magnet's fall.
• To investigate the relation between induced in coils emf and the speed of the magnet.
• To determine the distance between the poles of the magnet.
• To illustrate magnetic braking.
• To investigate the terminal velocity of the magnet falling through the aluminium tube.

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Inductiebuizen set
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