Step Motor Burette

The Step Motor Burette 061, also called Titrator, is a cheap, accurate, dosage device that can be used to control a process of adding a titrant in titration experiments. It can be connected to control outputs of CMA CoachLab II/II+ interface.
The Titrator is delivered with a 20-ml syringe, 40-cm plastic tube and micro-pipette. The volume of a droplet from the delivered pipette is 0.02 ml.
The Step motor burette is supported by the CMA Coach software. The unique combination of measuring and control facilities of Coach allows automation of the titration process. The step motor burette connected to the interface outputs is used to add titrant and the pH sensor connected to an interface input is used to measure pH values. A Coach control program controls the step motor of the burette.

Technical specifications of the Step Motor Burette are described in its User's guide.
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