€Sense (discontinued)

€Sense is an easy-to-use USB lab interface.
It has three built-in sensors:
• Sound sensor
• Temperature sensor, and
• Light sensor.
An included, external temperature sensor is suitable for temperature measurements in fluids. The built-in LED and buzzer can be used as actuators in simple control experiments.
More technical specifications about €Sense you can find in its User's Guide and in the €Sense flyer.

For displaying and analyzing the data collected by €Sense on the computer the Coach 7 Lite (or Coach 7) software is needed. >>> Register and download Coach 7 Lite

Based on educational research and on experience with the use of ICT in primary schools CMA has developed Technology Enhanced Primary Science Set - a series of technology-enhanced inquiry-based science activities for students between 9 and 12 years.
€Sense (niet meer leverbaar)
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