Resonance Set

The Resonance Kit 060 can be used to introduce some of the basics of oscillation, resonance, electromagnetic induction, and spring constants to the students. The kit consists of the following parts:
- Ground plate, including 4 thumb screws
- Long metal bar
- Short metal bar with a mounting hole and thumb screw (attached to the long metal bar)
- Plastic cylinder, including 1 Philips head screw inserted in the bottom plate
- Coil with a mounting hole and thumb screw
- Magnet holder, with a small screw inserted
- 2x Magnet
- Spring
- Spring holder with two small thumb screws on the sides and one small screw in the middle.
The set can be used in various ways for measurement and control. The coil can be used as an actuator: by using one of the CoachLab I/II/II+ outputs to drive current through the coil, the coil can exert a force on the magnets that are attached to the spring. The coil can also be used as a sensor: when the magnets that are mounted to the spring move through the coil, they create a changing magnetic field, and through electromagnetic induction, a voltage will be induced over the coil that can be measured directly or through a voltage sensor.
All functions of the set can be used in combination with the CoachLab II/II+ interface. It is also possible to use the set with €Lab and VinciLab, but because these interfaces do not have control outputs the set can be used only for measurement with sensors. For the use of the coil as a sensor the 0519 adapter is needed. For measuring forces a Force senso, such as CMA 0663i or BT42i Force sensor is needed.

Technical specifications of the Resonance Kit are described in its User's guide.
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