Light sensor 0..200 lux

The Light Sensor 0142i measures light intensities in the range between 0 and 200 lux. It consists of a phototransistor, which receives light through a glass fibre. The phototransistor converts the measured light intensity into an output voltage adjusted to a range of 0 to 5V, which can be measured by an interface. The output of the light sensor is linear with respect to light intensity.
The sensor can also be used as a light gate. By virtue of the use of a glass fibre, the sensor can be used very flexible regarding the fixing of the fibre in the experimental arrangement.

The Light sensor can be used in a variety of measurements of changes in light intensity such as:
• darkening of a solution caused by a chemical reaction,
• changes of the light intensity of a bulb because of 50/60 Hz variation in the supply voltage,
• effects caused by on/off switching,
and digital applications (as a light gate) such as:
• measuring the acceleration due to gravity (falling stick with slits),
• measuring the speed of objects undergoing collisions,
• timing the period of a rotating object,
• measuring the volume in titration experiments (by counting the number of falling drops).

The Light sensor can be directly connected to analog BT inputs of the CMA interfaces.

Technical specifications of the sensor are descibed it its User's guide.
Lichtsensor (0-200 lux)
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