Humidity sensor, discontinued, replaced by BT72i

The Relative Humidity Sensor 025i measures relative humidity in a range of 0 - 100%. The sensor consists of an integrated circuit, which uses a thermoset capacitive polymer to sense humidity. The sensor is placed in a plastic box with holes, which provide air circulation. The typical response time of the unit is 15 seconds in slowly moving air at 25o C. The box not only protects the sensor, but also shields it from light. The sensor is slightly light sensitive if the light strikes it in just the right way. For best results, shield the sensor from bright light.

The Relative Humidity sensor can be used to measure relative humidity in air as part of a weather station, or to:
• study transpiration rates of plants by monitoring relative humidity in sealed jars containing plants,
• optimize conditions in a greenhouse or terrarium,
• determine good days for static electric demonstrations.

The Relative Humidity Sensor can be directly connected to analog BT inputs of the CMA interfaces.

Technical specifications of the sensor are described in its User's guide.
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